About VTAthletaFit

About VT AthletaFit

Who We Are

     Welcome to VT AthletaFit! I'm Alex. I'm a personal trainer, MBA, and most importantly, a mom of three awesome kids!

    I offer 1-on-1 in-person training to my clients in Rutland County VT & Washington County NY. I offer digital packages and 1-on-1 virtual training to clients anywhere & everywhere!

What We Do

    Here at VT AthletaFit, our goal is to prepare you for incorporating athletic activities into your lifestyle for better health & well-being, and a lot more FUN! Whether you want to get in shape to try out for a sport, join a rec team, throw a football to your kid, or just be more active without feeling so weak and winded - we're here to help you.

Where We've Been

    As a high school sports coach, former collegiate athlete, and self-proclaimed fitness-junkie, I have the skills & experience to help you level up & progress towards your best self.

    While I offer standalone exercise programming, I am very passionate about & offer nutrition advice & meal plans. Additionally, I feel it is very important to cultivate your mindset through reading, journaling, meditation, and other behaviors. We all need some accountability & guidance to crush our goals! I offer nutrition and/or mindset coaching as a supplement to all of my training packages.

Who We Work With

    My ideal client is a person who wants to get fit and pick up healthy habits like playing sports, engaging in adventure recreation, hitting the gym, or just figuring out how to keep strong & healthy by exercising at home. If that sounds like you, head on over to my training page and get started or shoot me a message.